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The Perfect Pairing

July 1, 2024 Vitis House

Local food and wine expert takes the world’s stage.

Hot take: Local food and wine expert Doreen Colondres is kind of a big deal. Taking on the global stage, the Vitis House owner has been selected by the European Union to serve as an ambassador for uberpopular duo serrano and cava (find us a better one…)—specifically D.O. Cava and Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español.

So how did a Raleighite grab this grand gig? “I believe I was probably European in another life,” jokes Colondres. “But, seriously, for the past 20 years, I’ve represented many European brands and regions, including Spain.” As a bilingual chef and wine educator, the sommelier and foodspert no doubt serves up significant added value to the role. As she goes wheels up, we tapped the VIP for intel on the campaign, options for locals to partake and more. @doreencolondres; @vitishouse

The goal of the campaign? To educate people about the extraordinary quality and diversity of these two products, which bring so much happiness. We’ll be traveling across the U.S., educating consumers, industry professionals and culinary students about their tradition, production and highlights. In addition, I’ll be creating recipes for consumers and chefs—and leading several media trips to Spain, offering a firsthand experience of the rich traditions and exceptional quality behind D.O. Cava and Jamón Serrano.

vitis house doreen colondres

Give us the 411 on D.O. Cava:  The prestigious protected region produces some of the world’s finest sparkling wines with their local grapes (Xarel.lo, Parellada and Macabeo). Known for its exceptional quality and versatility, cava has two main categories. Cava de Guarda, produced with a minimum maturation of nine months; and Cava de Guarda Superior, which includes Reserva, Gran Reserva and Paraje Calificado, and aged for a minimum of 18, 30 and 36-plus months respectively—and bringing more complexity on the glass. This campaign will emphasize the latter category.

And something extraordinary is on the horizon? Yes! All the Cavas de Guarda Superior category will be 100% organic—a huge achievement we’re about to start celebrating.

And the scoop on Consorcio Serrano?  Essentially it’s a seal ensuring every piece of ham is 100% from Spain and meets strict quality criteria—handselected, exceptional nutritional values, and cured for a minimum of 12 months. It ensures you receive products embodying the rich heritage and exceptional taste of authentic serrano—an important tradition on every table in Spain.

Any ways locals can partake?  Yes, my goal is to bring Europe to Raleigh and invite locals to travel with us though Vitis House. I truly believe Raleigh and NC, in general, deserve more attention from imported and high-end brands and regions. When I moved to RDU five years ago, I saw the potential—and it is finally happening.


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