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Taste The World


Fill your life with memorable experiences with us!

The best way to visit a country is tasting their food, their wines, exploring their markets, learning about their traditions and sharing the table with locals.

Finally we can do this together!
Let’s travel for the love of food and wine!

  • All our trips are carefully crafted by our team.
  • Enjoy the real traditions of the most prestigious regions in the world.
  • We want to take you to unique spots. This is why we want to keep our groups under 10 guests.
  • We offer an immersion experience in the real gastronomy and wine culture of all the regions we visit.
  • A blend of casual/local and high-end atmosphere.
  • Insured and professional deluxe transportation.
  • We want you to learn, taste and have a unforgettable experience.


“How does one capture the beauty of a week in Spain with Doreen? I’ve traveled Spain and toured vineyards extensively; however, Vitis House and Doreen elevated the experience into memories that cannot be made independently. We savored Spain’s wine, food, history, and culture. We learned and laughed. My heart will forever be full of the memories. It is a truly unique experience. We are excited about future trips with Vitis House!”

Questions? Contact Us Today!

We welcome you to contact us for more information!

Raleigh (Main House)

1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd #115
Raleigh, NC 27604

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