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Vitis House

Wine Scholar™ Guild

Study & Certification Programs

Wine Scholar Guild Credential Programs

Wine Scholar Guild™ Certification programs offer students the opportunity to specialize in the wine country of their choice.

These advanced wine education programs provides current, accurate and in-depth information on the wines France, Italy and Spain. They are designed for advanced students of wine whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. We truly believe that the best way to learn is in-classroom. It brings the students the opportunity to taste an impressive amount of wines and calibrate their palates with other colleagues and interact with the educator and other wine lovers in a nicer environment.

Launched in 2009, WSG™ is the leading provider of specialized certification programs on the wines of France, Italy and Spain with a school network spanning 30 countries and 5 continents. Their French Wine Scholar™ program is their model for developing their Italian Wine Scholar™ and Spanish Wine Scholar™ programs.

WSG students who follow this in-depth curriculum and pass the exam earn the French Wine Scholar (FWS), Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) or Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS) titles and are encouraged to use it post-nominal as part of their professional signatures. Not only does certification build your resumé, it also validates competency and serves as a point of distinction within the wine trade.

Let’s “travel”, “learn” and “taste” these three magnificent countries in-classroom!

À votre santé! Saluti! ¡Salud!


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