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Tasting all the grapes in the world within one lifetime is an impossible feat!

March 14, 2024 Vitis House

Tasting all the grapes in the world within one lifetime is an impossible feat!

Unless you have the job of Jancis Robinson or James Suckling, it’s unlikely you’ll ever taste every grape variety out there. That’s why I advocate trying a different grape varietal whenever you have the chance.

Have you heard of Marzemino? In Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni,” the protagonist sings, “Versa il vino! Eccelente Marzemino!” which translates to “Pour the wine! Excellent Marzemino!” Mozart was onto something because Marzemino truly is excellent, but it’s best enjoyed after 3-4 years of aging. The recent portrayal of this grape in the “Drops of God” series on Apple TV – which is amazing, by the way – has piqued my cravings enough to seek out a bottle in one of our local shops.

vitis house tasting all the grapes in the world

Marzemino is an uncomplicated Italian red wine that offers immediate pleasure, akin to the charm of Beaujolais or Pinot Noir, but different, of course. It’s the perfect choice for a romantic outdoor date this season.

Its fragrant and vibrant profile is simultaneously elegant. Marzemino offers crisp acidity with notes of cherry, blackcurrants, violets, pomegranate, and herbs. It thrives in the well-drained soils of Trentino’s Vallagarina Valley and it is also cultivated in Lombardy, Veneto and Friulli-Venezia Giulia and normally trained in the classic Trentino pergola. While this grape is primarily known for its red wine, it’s also used to produce sparkling and sweet wines in the passito style, though they’re rare outside of Italy.

While alcohol can range from low to high, great examples can be found with 11% alcohol.  Last week, I tasted two styles, the bright and fun Roeno La Rua Marzemino IGT  with intense violets notes and the elegant and more complex La Meridiana Marzemino Garda DOC, with dark berries, plums, vanilla and tobacco notes.   Other styles like Trentino Marzemino Riserva DOC can also show deeper notes from the oak aging.  Experts recommend enjoying Marzemino after 4 years of aging in the bottle.  

Marzemino is very food friendly.  Depending on the style of the wine, you can pair it with white or red meat, mushroom dishes and even pizza!

Pour something new on your glass!


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