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Underground Cellars in The Ribera del Duero

July 19, 2023 Vitis House

Underground Cellars in The Ribera del Duero 

The right bank of Bordeaux is not the only wine region with treasures under your feet.The underground cellars in the DO Ribera del Duero in Spain, are an interesting historical heritage of this wine capital.

Almost 1,000 cellars and wineries were built during the Middle Ages.The majority of them can be found in the towns of Aranda del Duero and Atauta (Soria). Today they are a vital part of the social life of the locals.

These wineries are now converted into private cellars. It is rare to be able to visit them unless you decide to book a trip with us in October. For the lucky ones joining us, it will be a memorable experience.  Because as soon as you go down into these historical passageways, you can quickly feel the change in temperature and the absence of light.  It gives a sense of tranquility.  It is the fundamental environment to carry out the wine production and storage.

These caves are an ingenious feat of engineering developed by the winemakers to protect the wine from the Muslim raids and also it was found that the wine aged and evolved better than on the surface.

Some of them can be seen from the outside by the zarcera, which are ventilation shafts to communicate the interior with the exterior and naturally control temperature and humidity.

While they are part of the history of this region, you can also catch yourself in one of them to gather friends around delicious lamb chops.  It is also a place to enjoy wine and live music.

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