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The New WSET Beer Certification Is Here!

February 2, 2024 Vitis House

The New WSET Beer Certification Is Here!

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the global leader in drinks education, with a network of over 800 Providers (APPs), in over 70 countries and in 15 languages, announced yesterday the first schools to offer its new in Beer qualification in North America.  We are proud to share that Vitis House is one of those few schools that starting today will offer the courses in the US/Canada territory.

“We are honored to be selected as one of the inaugural course providers for the exciting WSET’s beer qualification. We have a mission to bring the best education to North Carolina, and this new addition to our menu represents a significant achievement. This qualification caters to an important segment of our community; we have more than 400 breweries in our state. We are thrilled to help professionals and enthusiasts deepen their expertise with this world-recognized certification. We welcome not only locals but also beer lovers from all over the world to the city of oak,” says Doreen Colondres.

Who are the courses for?

Whether in our classroom, online, or through a hybrid approach, this course is ideal for both enthusiasts and industry professionals. It serves as your initial step in a lifelong journey of beer education.

Your passport to get certified

– Learn the right way
– Calibrate your palate using the Systematic Approach to Tasting Beer
– Globally Recognized qualification

What You’ll Learn:

Level 1 provides a great intro to the world of beer. Learning though sight, smell and taste, you’ll become familiar with a range of beer styles and how they are made. This level covers the fundamental aspects of beer production, styles, service, food pairing, and tasting. For those working with beer professionally, it equips them to respond to customer inquiries with confidence and offer valuable recommendations. For those pursuing beer education for leisure, it serves as inspiration to explore new styles and provides insights into maximizing the enjoyment of every glass.

If you are eager to increase your knowledge and appreciation of beer, the Level 2 is a great intermediate qualification for you. This course delves into how ingredients and production processes impact the flavor profile and quality of beer. Tailored for both serious beer enthusiasts and professionals, this level prepares you to comprehend the production and labeling of over 60 beer styles, along with their typical characteristics. Get ready to deepen your understanding and elevate your expertise in the world of beer.

Achieve A Respected Worldwide Recognition

Enroll with us, successfully complete the exam, and attain a prestigious credential that not only demonstrates your beer expertise to friends and colleagues but also to your customers and the global community.

Start the WSET beer journey!

Online and in-classroom courses are NOW open for registration.
Hybrid coming soon!

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