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O Come All Ye Thirsty

December 7, 2023 Vitis House

by Lauren Kruchten

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year—as the holidays = lots of wine and lots of snacks (yes, please!). So we asked Vitis House owner and wine connoisseur Doreen Colondres for her tips on pairing the two, no matter what kind of snack situation you have up your sleeve this season—and whether you’re hosting a festive soiree or taking your “girl dinner” next-level. Cheers to balanced bites and bevs!

For the vegetarians and veggie-lovers alike, Colondres recommends pairing vegetable dishes with a sauvignon blanc from Chile, New Zealand, Sancerre or any area of the Loire Valley—as “high acidic wines will pair to perfection with highly acidic foods.”

Super Tuscans—traditionally blends of sangiovese with international grape varietals like merlot and cabernet—tend to be smooth with great acidity, the perfect amount of tannins and a not-too-high alcohol content, making them a good pair for meats and aged cheeses in a charcuterie plate, says Colondres.

Fruit + Desserts
You can’t forget dessert! Sweet fruits and the likes of cookies, brownies and other treats are best paired with a sweet wine, naturally, like moscato. Or opt for bubbles, which pairs well with pretty much anything, says Colondres.

What’s a holiday party—or any party really—without dip?! Because most dips are mayo-, sour cream- or yogurt-based (all of which have relatively high levels of acidity), they req a high-acid wine to complement. According to Colondres, the Gewürztraminer from Austria would be a great pairing due to its complexity and rounded and almondy flavors: “Any seafood or vegetable dip will be fantastic with that.”

Crunchy, Spicy Foods
If you’re going super-basic—read: you didn’t have time to grocery shop or prepare anything more substantial—and chips are all you have in your pantry, go for a bag that serves up a little bit of a kick (like, say, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or Doritos—really). You’re gonna wanna lean simple when it comes to the wine, so Colondres recommends pairing with a riesling from Mosel.

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