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Sake Sommelier Association

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The Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) is the oldest non-Japanese body to provide formal sake education around the globe. For over 20 years they have been fully committed to promoting global education and awareness of sake with exciting projects, such as Sake Sommelier courses and regional Sake Challenge events. The SSA’s flagship course, the Certified Sake Sommelier, accredits students officially as Sake Sommelier® upon completion of the program.

The Sake Sommelier Association is built on 3 pillars: Education, Challenge and Competition-which cover the wide range of activities.

All programs are perfect for everyone, from beginners sake lovers, to experts who’ve been working in the drinks industry for years.

The SSA’s courses range from the basics, with the Introductory Sake Professional, The Certified Sake Sommelier, all the way to the world’s highest sake qualification, The Master Sake Sommelier.

The SSA is today in 6 continents and the growing team of Sake Educators share the same passion as their founders, allowing the SSA to spread the joy of sake throughout the world.

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