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Wine 101 Classified “R” – Add Me To Waiting List

If you hear the word bubbles you will immediately think of Champagne. Champagne is synonymous of celebrations, we usually accompany them all by a bottle of fizz.

Champagne’s impecable recognition was earned thanks to hundreds of years of history, tradition and prestige. But, not all of these sensual bubbles come from Champagne. We have plenty of different styles of sparkling wines around the world, and we like to call them “friends”.

During this class you will learn about their history, production methods, styles and how to read the labels.  Cremant, Franciacorta, Cartizze, Cava and other sparkling wines from countries like Slovenia, Greece or Argentina will probably join us.

In addition, chef Doreen Colondres will teach you how to open, pour, pair and cook with bubbles, perhaps a few hors d’oeuvres can join us as well.

This 90 minute class will be a great reason to celebrate life!



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