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Love At First Bite



You and a Chef!

The Ultimate Private Cooking Class

Celebrate food and wine with your team, friends or colleagues!

Now is the opportunity for you to have a private class with Chef Doreen Colondres, Penguin Random House best seller cookbook author and current ambassador of several international brands. After traveling to more than 30 countries, hosting cooking shows airing in 16 countries and worked as an ambassador for more than 20 international brands, Doreen decided to open Vitis House to spread her passion for healthy food and good wine in NC.

For Doreen, “cooking is not a duty it is a lifestyle”. In this 2 hour beginning to advanced class, she will change your perception about the time you spend in the kitchen and the quality of the ingredients you bring to it. This is your opportunity to get contagious with her passion and love for food.

You just have to send us an email with your preferred date and time. After confirmation and registration we will send you a list of themes and recipes for you to select for your private class. You can pick from chef Colondres extensive list of recipes from more than 15 nationalities including Mediterranean, Caribbean, Italian or Latin American cuisine, among others.  From ceviches and rice to soups, fun salads, empanadas, dressings, pastas, couscous, quinoa, beans, steaks, seafood, you named it!

In this customize class you will learn about:

–  Cooking as a lifestyle
–  Food labels in the modern world
–  Quality better than quantity
–  Mediterranean Diet
–  Smart grocery shopping
–  Menu design in our busy life
–  Olive oils & dressings
–  How to buy, use and stored dry and fresh herbs
–  New ingredients to incorporate in your weekly menu
–  Plus 2 step by step recipes
–  PDF of the recipes included

You and your team/friends are gonna love it, her recipes are easy, fresh, tasty and more importantly healthy!

For prices and more details contact us: cheers@vitishouse.com
*This class is designed for private events only, not for promotional or media (commercial use) purposes.

Based on the history, they were created in the following order: Caviar, Champagne and Iberico Ham.

If you haven’t tasted these three world class delicacies, this is your chance.  And if you have, that memorable experience likely left you eager to experience it again.

There is so much elegance and glamour behind the mysterious black ocean pearls from Russia and mouthwatering, buttery ham from Spain.  But the best of all, is to pair them both with a superb Champagne and perhaps having them all three in one bite.

Oooh, I’m sure you will fall in love with this unique and exclusive class specially designed for sophisticated foodies like you.  Get ready to learn about their history, tradition, production methods, serving suggestions, temperatures and of course, cooking and pairing options of these three gastronomic gems.

This night will be love at first bite, love at first sip, or both. Once you experience the Iberico Taco with Caviar and paired with bubbles, you’ll be saying,  “wow, where has this been all my life”?

*ALL CLASS SALES ARE FINAL. All food and non-food ingredients will be personal to you and your seating area and will be handled with gloves. We follow all safety requirements set by the CDC and the NC Government. If for any reason, VH needs to cancel or reschedule a class, we will give you a full refund.

Questions? Contact Us Today!

We welcome you to contact us for more information!

Raleigh (Main House)

1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd #115
Raleigh, NC 27604

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